Skyland Town Center Website Design

Working with real estate developer Rappaport, we created a brand platform for Skyland Town Center, a highly anticipated mixed-use development that’s currently under construction in southeast Washington, DC. The property will provide much-needed retail, restaurants, and services to nearby residents, who have advocated for a property like Skyland since the late 1980s.

My role on this project was art directing and designing; I worked with a writer, project manager, and a developer.

Taking into account the existing logo, we created a friendly, unique identity that would engage and inspire Skyland’s diverse audiences and position the property as the ideal place to locate a business, live, work, shop, and play.

Using the new design platform and information gathered during the competitive review, we designed, developed, and wrote the Skyland website. The fresh, friendly look-and-feel and audience-specific navigation are welcoming and make it easy for users to quickly find information.