One of the things I love about design is how unique each project and client is! I give personalized attention to my clients, and approach each project with the intent of identifying your specific needs and brand aesthetic. Here is an outline of the overall process, so you can get a better idea of how I work with my clients:

If you have an idea for a project and believe we’d be a good fit, contact me to get the conversation started. In the beginning, we will talk over your project’s details, and discuss an overall timeline and pricing. Because every client’s needs are different and types of projects vary, I’ll need more details before quoting a price to you.  At this point, I will develop a proposal and submit a contract for review; upon signing, an initial deposit is due.

Before the design process begins, I’ll dig a bit deeper and ask you some questions about your business goals and brand direction to better understand your audience. If you already have an established brand and marketing materials, I’ll review them to get a sense of context for your new project. Then I’ll develop a creative brief that identifies your brand’s needs and outlines the project.

Once we have developed a project strategy, we can focus on design aesthetics. We will discuss color, typography, and swap inspiration. Depending on the project, I may develop a final moodboard for approval that focuses on concepts that are in line with your project’s plan. The goal is to make sure everyone is happy with the overall vision and ready to move forward.

Depending on your project, a few initial designs will be presented at our first deadline. Once you’ve seen these, it will be your turn to give organized feedback. Then we’ll work on refining the design until it’s just right.

Once we have completed revisions, it will be time to put on the finishing touches, package up your project, and deliver the final files.